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Mr. Ed Felty
Building Principal
ELCO High School
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Myerstown, PA17067
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Ms. Jen Haas
Assistant Principal




2012 Annual Powderpuff Game
Thursday, October 11 at 7:30 p.m.
ELCO High School Stadium
Cost: $3.00

Attention students and parents. Now is your chance to order a 2013 ELCO yearbook. Go to www.yearbookordercenter.com to order your book at the lowest price of the season. You can also order toll free at 1-866-287-3096. If you order your yearbook before October 26, 2012, your son or daughter will be entered into a $50 cash drawing. When ordering a yearbook, don't forget to also order a yearbook DVD video supplement for the low additional cost of $10. Thank you for buying a yearbook!

Welcome Back Letter to Students and Parents!

EMT Press Release for Newspaper - July 30 (PDF)

Yearbook Info for Class of 2013
ELCO2013 (Requirements)
YB Spec-2013 Pricing

Bully Trends Among Secondary Students

ELCO Student Council Info
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Academic Projects Guidance
Clubs Schedule
Curriculum Course Guide Student Resources
ELCO HS Handbook (pdf) Students of the Month

High School Staff
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Donna Kurtz, Nurse
website  website
Denise Weaver , Administrative Assistant
wiki  wiki
Vicki Carpenter, Administrative Assistant
game  game / webquest
Douglas Bohannon, Athletic Director
blog  blog
Adam Zurick, Athletic Trainer
forms  forms
Amanda Templeton , Library Library blog  
Tom Eberly, Guidance
Monica Hill , Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Sheakley, Guidance
Tania Bucks , Instructional Assistant
John Mentzer, Virtual Academy/CTC Counselor CTC wiki
Mary Weigley, Instructional Assistant
Ray Trone , Maintenance





Kris Haley-Paul   Haley-Paul wiki
David Fair activity   FAIR  blackboard  Fair music tech 
Michael Lucky Lucky wiki
Kenneth Krause Krause website

Business Education


Holly Hartman Career Seminar Accounting I Personal ComputingAdvanced Accountingwiki
Lynn Aponick Aponick site   School Notes
Amy Hicks Hicks site
Stacy Dieffenbach Dieffenbach site
Amy Weddle Personal Computing  Web Design wiki Computer App wiki General Business
Todd Dresch  Dresh's wiki
Chris Heft Ecology wiki   Biology wiki

Family & Consumer Science

Ashley Huttenstine
Judy Ocker Ocker website
Chad Miller C Miller website
Joyce Wherley Wherley website
Joseph Sandoe honors chemistry cp chem I

Health & Physical Education

Jacqueline Bender phys ed

Social Studies

Ashli Shay Shay website
Brad Conners brad connors wiki ec wiki 
James WeaverWeaver website
Donna DelCollo DelCollo A wiki   Period B wiki   Period D wiki
Paul Dissinger website
Martha Confalone Western Civ wiki    calendar
Robert Miller   Cultures wiki  Western Civ wiki
Language Arts English wiki
Wesley Soto Eastern Civ ME   ME2
Jonathan Bickel   Bickel NIng   bickel Quia A  bickel quia b
Katie Kokanblackboard

Special Education

Michael O'Neill website   PW
Alysha Burkholder wiki
Samantha Shober
Greg Fields Field wiki
Victoria Taylor Taylor website
Judy Moyer website
Brian Trupp Trupp website
Sue Steckbeck Steckbeck website
Steve Weddle Weddle wiki  Weddle wiki  Weddle wiki
Janet Swartz swartz site
Robin Anne Kimmey, Autistic Support
Linda Beck, ESL website
Technology Education
John Carley Carley wiki


Ken Miller Miller Website
Scott Bennetch Bennetch website
Deanna Martin ebert website

World Languages

Charles Gerberich
Judy Weik Weik website
Wesley Harpold
Jennifer Martin Martin wiki martin blackboardfrench IIFrench III   French four  review wiki
Paul Kline martin blackboard  calendar
Sara Velazquez General info     Velazquez Spanish I Spanish II Spanish V
Michael Simmons Simmons wiki
Christina Watsonwebsite     









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