Activites developed and conducted by 3rd grade teachers Mrs. Nan Sechrist and Mr. Noel Hertzog.

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  • The third grade classes at Schaefferstown enjoy the reading of this class novel. Each day the classes read and discuss two chapters of the book. They work on predicting, plot development, character traits, believable and unbelievable events, creative writing, comprehension, and phonetic skills such as contractions and compound words.
  • The unit included several penguin crafts, and the designing of a playbill for the Popper Performing Penguins. Along with the reading skills, the children are learning some map skills and a lot of factual information about penguins.
  • At the end of three weeks of reading, discussions, plenty of skill work, and a test, the classes celebrate with a Penguin Party! Each child is asked to dress for the party, by at least wearing something black and white. We spend the day with our stuffed penguin friends, or their enemies, the killer whale and the leopard seal.
  • All of our academic subjects carry a penguin theme for the day. There are several special treats that are a part of the lessons. Another famous book character, "Tacky" the penguin, is the theme for much of the work on party day.

English class:

Our study of past tense verbs was based on one of the "Tacky" books.

Math class:

Reading problems based on "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and some problems from another famous penguin, "Chilly Willy", helped us practice our Math skills.

Science class:

Our Science lesson for the day required us to eat a popsicle! We talked about places that would be as cold as our popsicle, and places where our popsicle would melt quickly. We also included a review of adjectives in the popsicle activity by listing words that would describe the inside and the outside of the popsicle. The favorite part of this activity was to count the number of bites it took to finish the popsicle, and the length of time it took for the popsicle to start to melt.


We also followed up the reading of the novel by watching the video of Mr. Popper's Penguins.


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